Share Experiment 12: Self Publish

Author Imprints.  Amazon Publishing Cheat Sheet.Quick links to 33 Amazon publishing resources for self-publishers. Diana Needham. Self-publish and Take Control of Your Book.  Dec 8, 2015.Diana is the book shepherd who helped me publish Sit Write Share.  I have found her a very clear and experienced thinker.  

Share Experiment 11: Find a Publisher

Sharlene Martin and Anthony Flacco, Publish Your Nonfiction Book.This book includes an outline for a book proposal and discussion of what works.  There are many examples from successful proposals along with their analysis of what made the examples work. Jane Friedman. How to find a literary agent for your book.  Updated March 2022. Tucker Max.  […]

Share Experiment 10: Explore Book Publication Options

You can probably find articles arguing for both sides of the question.  I tried to treat it with an even hand. Dr. Fred Jones.  Five Reasons Why You Should Self Publish. August 31, 2018. Bella Rose Pope. Self Publishing versus Traditional Publishing: How to Choose. Nov. 24 2021. Lisa Buchan. Why Writers Need Publishers… or […]

Share Experiment 9: Freelance

MasterClass.  A Guide to Pitching Articles: 7 Tips for Freelance Writers. MasterClass staff. Last updated Dec 1, 2021 Elna Cain. The Giant List of Magazines That Pay Writers. January 29, 2022. Medium. Write, Connect, Earn. Casey Botticello, How much money can you make writing for Medium?  Medium Partner Program Earnings FAQs. August 18, 2018. Muckrack for […]

Share Experiment 8: Blog

The first article is about creating articles that attract readers.  The rest deal with the question of how long a blog article should be, both in terms of time readers will spend and search engine optimization (SEO). Louise Brogan. How to Create LinkedIn Articles That People Will Read and Share. AUGUST 28, 2019 Is more content […]