Launch steps
The week after Sit Write Share launched, I wrote this description of book launch activities. My goal was to involve my network to reach readers. Here’s how I invited and supported my book launch partners, the tools I used, and the materials I created. If you are contemplating a book...
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Best seller with Stephen King
To all the people who made suggestions, gave me feedback, let me use their stories, wrote endorsements, emailed their friends, and posted on social media, thank you for helping me achieve a wonderful book launch. Sit Write Share came about because one of my clients kept urging me to turn...
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Launch Day
Here are the top questions I’ve received about buying, giving, and using Sit Write Share.  Today is April 28, 2022, launch day for the book.  But these questions will still be meaningful long after the book is launched. Q: I don’t have a Kindle device so how can I read...
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Looking at a screen together
Feedback is good early, middle and late in a writing project, but the kind of feedback you need changes as you go. Who do you ask?  How do you tell them where you want them to put their attention? Who could provide feedback? Getting feedback as you write can seem...
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Story seeds are like plant seedlings
Just a few minutes ago, members of a writers’ workshop strongly agreed that having a repeatable structure makes it easier to add new parts to a book.  That stimulated me to use my own structure to create a new experiment out of the story in Write Whatever is On Your...
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Typing Just Get Started
In my writers’ workshops, I keep coming up against the same problem.  Participants apologize that they have nothing to submit this time.  Some mention staring at a screen and having their minds go blank. All have succeeded at writing before. In Sit Write Share, Write Experiment 10 suggests writing about...
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