Praise for Sit Write Share

What have other writers said about Sit Write Share?

In the writer’s battle of gremlins versus muses, Kathryn Britton’s Sit Write Share is filled with well organized, easily doable, and highly adaptable experiments to help you overcome your gremlins, get to know your muses, and write from your authentic inspired voice. Sit Write Share is a writer’s reference book, a treasure trove, of everything you need to know to take your writing from wavering intentions to reader-ready manuscript. It is a valuable resource for all writers on the road to becoming published authors.

Diana Whitney, PhD
Founder, Corporation for Positive Change and Co-Founder, The Taos Institute
Author of 20 books including Thriving Women, Thriving World and The Power of Appreciative Inquiry

If you have a book in you but you dread writing, Sit Write Share will help you turn that around. It has experiments to get past fears, escape writers’ block, and view faulty first drafts with appreciation. It can even help you learn to view editing as an act of love for your audience. This book is a resource that every writer should have close at hand. Sit Write Share has helped me, and it will help you, too.

David J. Pollay

Sit Write Share offers budding (and established) writers a treasure trove of do-able strategies to unlock your writing potential and get your book published. Kathryn writes with wisdom and pragmatism but also understands the deeply emotional and relational aspects of writing. I wish I had Kathryn’s insights when I wrote my first book and I will definitely be using them to write my next book.

Dr. Lea Waters, PhD, registered psychologist

When I wrote my book, I found it was harder than I thought, so I hired Kathryn Britton. She was an amazing writing coach. Without her guidance and nudging, my book would have never been written. I am thrilled that Kathryn has bundled her incredible knowledge and helpful strategies into this fantastic book to benefit every writer.

Louisa Jewell, MAPP

Every writer knows that going from inspiration to written pages is the hardest task we face. That is why Kathryn Britton’s guide to help all kinds of writers overcome doubts and distractions so that writing can occur is so brilliant. The exercises prime the pump and get the words going. I’ve already recommended the book to friends and clients who have a book locked inside of themselves that Kathryn can help them to birth and be proud of.

Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP, executive coach, speaker

If you yearn to express your ideas in writing but are thwarted by the “itty-bitty committee” in your head (see Chapter 1), Sit Write Share offers your own writing-coach-in-a-book. As someone who has had the great good fortune to be coached and mentored by Kathryn Britton herself throughout the writing of my own book, I can think of no better gift to the aspiring writer than to have Britton’s practical wisdom and clear and encouraging voice at their elbow for those times when their muses fail them. For writers of all stripes, this book is a compelling page turner. I’ve personally applied many of the ideas and exercises that fill these pages. There’s nothing like the feeling of holding your own book in your hands and sending it into the world to make a difference for others. That’s both the promise and the reward of Sit Write Share. You’ll never approach a blank page – paper or digital – the same way again.

Karen Warner Schueler, Executive Coach and President of Tangible Group

From her writing experience, experiments and her own blood, sweat, and writing tears, Kathryn is a true writing Yoda. As the original master says, “do or do not, there is no try”; Kathryn has translated this ethos to writing in this book. I can tell you firsthand that when I follow Kathryn’s method and write, yes, my writing is better, but more importantly, my life works better and I am a better person in it. This book is for anyone who is interested in exploring their relationship with writing as a pathway to having more impact in the world.

Jen Grace Baron, co-CEO of InspireCorps
Author of Dare to Inspire

I have personally benefited from Kathryn Britton’s writing groups for many years. Kathryn has encouraged me and hundreds of others to share powerful stories that we may otherwise have kept to ourselves. With her training in applied positive psychology, Kathryn knows how to tap into positive emotions and mindsets to bring out your best ideas and voice. Sit Write Share is a compelling and resource-rich book that gives you access to this brilliance all in one place. If you want to take your writing to the next level, this is the book to read!

Allison Holzer, co-CEO of InspireCorps
Author of Dare to Inspire

Sit Write Share is much more than three words. Kathryn Britton invites you to take a deep dive to bring your writing potential to life. With practical and structured strategies, she invites you to be deliberately mindful of your imagination and ideas in preparation to write. This process unleashes your capacity to put your ideas on paper, and then compels you to confidently share your words and meaning with others. Kathryn’s powerful strategies allowed me to bring out the best in my writing which ultimately brought me great satisfaction and a finished product I am very proud of.

John Yeager

I’m gifting this book to every client, colleague, friend, and family member who has ever said, “I have a book in me but I’m too busy to sit down and write it.

Margaret H. Greenberg, MAPP, PCC

Whether you want to become a writer for the first time or to stop polishing without publishing, Sit Write Share is for you! Using simple and elegant prose, Kathryn Britton offers writers comforting structure: more than 50 practical, creative, experiential writing experiments, and numerous inspiring stories based on her decades of experience as a writer, editor, and coach. Sit Write Share will help you defeat your writing demons, design a sustainable, personalized writing practice, and discover joy in sharing and receiving feedback about your writing.

Sherri W. Fisher, MEd, MAPP

Kathryn Britton´s book is practical, playful, and profound. She transmits how fun and joyful writing can be, and shares ways to navigate the inevitable frustrations of the writing process. Her 55 experiments liberate and provide structure at the same time, as they invite readers/writers to try out ideas, connect with their strengths, and build productive writing habits to share their unique voices with the world.

Margarita Tarragona, PhD
Director, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México Center for Well-Being Studies

Sit Write Share builds a structure that helps writers overcome the doubts, distractions, and digressions they inevitably face. Written with humor and compassion from Britton’s deep experience as an author, editor, publisher, writing teacher, and coach, Sit Write Share will make you a better, happier, and more productive writer.

Henry Edwards

Kathryn’s mentorship over the years has had a profound positive impact on my business. Through her workshops, I found my voice and learned how to overcome my fear of failure. Her advice has been critical to helping me consistently produce content that brings in business and it has even led to a book deal with a major publisher. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who wants to turn their writing from an aspiration into action.

Andrea Goulet, Co-Founder of Corgibytes, LLC and Heartware, LLC
Author of upcoming Empathy-Driven Software Development

This amazing book should be on the shelf of every writer or aspiring writer across the globe. I believe strongly that the experiments Kathryn details in Sit Write Share are the key to making the entire writing process pleasant rather than stressful and judgmental. The experiments in the book are practical and flexible enough to suit every writer’s specific needs. If you have been dreaming of writing but have not put pen to paper, look no further. This book will serve as a great guide to making your dream a reality!

Christiana Asantewaa Okyere-Folson, PhD

Having just written a book, I recognize how little there is out there to help us bring our ideas into the world in a way that makes an impact. Sit Write Share is just the book we all need, not only for writing a book, but for any kind of effective written communication.

Homaira Kabir, MAPP, Leadership Development Coach
Author of upcoming Goodbye, Perfect

Kathryn Britton is one of very few people who has a heart as wide as the world and a wise inner intelligence to match. How wonderful that she combines it all in Sit Write Share. This guide to writing will undoubtedly become my trusted companion as I navigate the often rocky terrain of completing my first book. In Sit Write Share, Kathryn has found a brilliant way to catalog the challenges and lessons of working with over 125 writers (including me!) from nearly ten years of conducting writing workshops. Not only has she collected dozens of writing experiments to try out, she weaves her loving care through each one. If you have an inclination to write, Kathryn wants you to succeed. Sit Write Share is an invaluable tool to help you along your way!

Jan Stanley
Writer, facilitator, celebrant