Sit Experiment 2: Create a Commonplace Book

  • Bobby Powers, The Lost Art of Commonplacing: A simple practice that will speed up your writing. March 28, 2019.

    I particularly like the picture of the author’s commonplace collection, which is actually colored cards in a box.

  • Sally Bryan, The Book of S: A Commonplace Book.

    This has not been published, but I plan to find out if I could make it available on request. If interested, post a request via my contact form.

  • Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird. Anchor, 1995.

    The passage about the lighthouse is almost at the end.

  • George Saunders, On Story. Video.

    This video is a delight.

  • Richard Gabriel, Writers’ Workshops and the Work of Making Things. Addison-Wesley, 2002.

    The topic of skill coming from practice and paying attention shows up multiple places in the book.