Sit Experiment 7: Start a Session With a Reset Ritual

  • Barry O’Reilly, Unlearn Podcast.  Episode 23: Jen Grace Baron. Creating Sustainable Inspiration.  May 20, 2021.I learned about reset rituals from Jen Grace Baron, and I found many clients were able to use them effectively to clear their brains of what went before embarking on something new.  This podcast includes Jen talking about reset rituals.
  • Anderson, J. S. 30 Days of Character Strengths: A Guided Practice to Ignite Your Best, 2020.
  • Ryan Niemiec, Character Strengths Interventions.  Hogrefe, 2018. Jane Anderson workshopped some of the content in her 30-day book, and I was particularly struck by this activity on Day 22, The Mindful Pause. She attributes it to character strength intervention number 65 in Ryan Niemiec’s book.  Both of these are good resources when contemplating making life changes.