Write Experiment 21: Edit Paragraphs and sentences

  • William Strunk and E. B. White, The Elements of Style. Pearson. 4th Edition. 1999. There are later editions, but somehow E. B. White has been replaced by other contributors.  I couldn’t quite let go of “Read Strunk and White.”
  • Stephen Pinker, The Sense of Style. Penguin Books, 2014.
  • Carol Saller. Subversive Copy Editor Blog. There are many brief, entertaining, and useful articles here about all things editing. She makes the important point: even if you feel you have a good handle on editing, you still probably need a copy editor to get things right.
  • Shane Snow, Just How Much Does Reading Level Matter?  January 21, 2015As you edit, keep reading level in mind. Snow ends his piece, “But within a given genre, the best writers tend to write the simplest.”
  • E. B. White, Charlotte’s Web. HarperCollins Reprint edition, 2012.I assume everybody grew up with Charlotte’s Web, but I might be wrong.