Write Experiment 24: Quotations

  • David Carnes, Copyright Laws for Quotations.I don’t know if I was being unduly cautious when I removed most of the quotations from recent works from my book.  I did find that when I asked for permission for the one quotation I kept that the publisher was happy to take my money to give permission.
  • Elizabeth Rayne. How Long Can a Sample Be Before You Need Copyright Permission?You may hear that if  you use fewer than [some number such as 300] words, you don’t need permission to quote someone else’s work.  According to this article, that is a fiction. There are fair use exceptions, but those are harder to claim if you are making money from your book. The outcome of a copyright violation could be serious money damages.
  • Rebecca Seales, Let’s save Maya Angelou from Fake Quotes.  BBC News, November 13 2017.
  • The Quote Investigator. An online tool for tracing quotations