16. Spread the Word
Positive reverberation
Do you want to help a friend launch a book and reach a target audience?  Or are you the author and you want to help your friends help you launch a book?    My friend Sherri Fisher, author of The Effort Myth, suggested that we create a positive echo chamber for each other’s publications. She...
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Golden Rule Way
Since I launched my book, I have heard from numerous people who make their money helping others market books. How do I figure out which services will feel valuable and which will leave me feeling burned?  Even more, what can I learn that will make my own book marketing follow the golden rule, that is,...
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Laundry as a metaphor for marketing activities
Now that my book is launched, I’ve been asking myself what book marketing activities I can pursue to bring attention to my book.  Some options make me feel very uncomfortable.  Does the discomfort come from doing something unfamiliar, or does it show that particular book marketing activity is a bad match for me?  How do...
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Press Kit Purpose
What Comes After the Book Launch? As the excitement of the launch dies down, what do you do to attract the attention of your ideal readers?  How do you show up on their book-buying radar screens? While thinking about these questions to market Sit Write Share, I flipped through the latest Stanford Magazine and found...
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