10. Write about Not Writing
When people want to increase their rates of progress, they tend to focus on applying more force:  Work longer. Pedal faster. Kick harder. Press harder on the accelerator. But it also helps to reduce friction:  Remove obstacles. Add wheels to a suitcase. Streamline shape.  What would happen if instead of just trying to work harder...
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Making it harder: Sisyphus rock
Last night, I asked someone who really wants to write but hasn’t been getting it done, “Are you making writing harder than it needs to be?” She thought that summed up her situation, so we spent our time together exploring ways that she could make it easier. Writing can be liberating and exhilarating, but not...
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Typing Just Get Started
In my writers’ workshops, I keep coming up against the same problem.  Participants apologize that they have nothing to submit this time.  Some mention staring at a screen and having their minds go blank. All have succeeded at writing before, but they can’t get past writer’s block now. In Sit Write Share, Write Experiment 10...
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