Write Experiment 16: End a Session by Planning the Next Season

There are numerous articles on the web about the importance of warming up before exercising.  I leave it to your Google talents if you need to refresh your mind.

Write Experiment 15: Recover in a Hurry

 Doug Gordon, John Cleese Tells Us How We Can Be More Creative. Wisconsin  Public Radio, Nov 20, 2020.This article tells the story of John Cleese’s lost and rewritten scripts.  

Write Experiment 14: Speech-to-Text

Ben Moore and Kim Key.  The Best Transcription Services for 2022.  PC Magazine Reviews.This article gives the reviewers’ top ten  picks.  I have used their top pick,, to produce transcripts of interviews with family members. Lance Whitney. How to Dictate Text in Microsoft Office.  Updated April 12, 2021. April Dávila. Scrivener Dictation.  April 6, […]

Write Experiment 12: Work Out the Structure of Repeating Units

Chip Heath and Dan Heath. The Power of Moments. Simon and Shuster, 2017. Marie-Josée Shaar and Kathryn Britton, Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person’s Guide to Health and Optimal Performance.  Positive Psychology Press, 2011. Kathryn Britton, A Repeatable Structure in Action.  Sit Write Share blog, April 1, 2022.      

Write Experiment 11: Write Daily

Rick Reis.  Writing Scholarly Manuscripts – Briskly and Well.  Stanford Tomorrow’s Professor Postings.  Message Number 1801.Rick Reis summarizes some of the ideas from Tara Gray’s chapter in the following book. Tara Gray. Writing your thesis quickly and well. Chapter 45 in How to keep your doctorate on track: Insights from students’ and supervisors’ experiences. Cheltenham, […]

Write Experiment 10: Write about Not Being Able to Write

Jalaluddin Rumi. The Guest House.  Translation by Coleman Barks.This poem is a great reminder that all of the thoughts, joys, depressions, and meannesses may all guides sent from beyond.  This link includes a podcast including someone reading it out loud. Todd Kashdan, The Art of Insubordination: How to Dissent and Defy Effectively. Avery, 2022.In chapter […]

Write Experiment 9: Just Do It

Manu Chatterjee. Just Two Sentences … When a blank screen stares back, try writing just two sentences and see what happens… Medium, August 20, 2020. In Sit Write Share, Write Experiment 9 includes a brief suggestion from Manu about how to get going when your writing is stuck. This article has the rest of the […]

Write Experiment 8: Draft without editing

There aren’t any resources mentioned in the book for this experiment, but since the book was published, I wrote a blog post that features drafting without editing. Writers: Set Perfectionism Aside.