Share Experiment 16: Spread the Word

Joel Pitney. How to Build a Strong Author Platform. LaunchMyBook. Alexandra Rynne.  10 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Page in 2022.  December 10, 2021. Bookbub. Reach More Readers. Sell More Books. Smith Publicity. 110 Book Marketing Ideas to Sell Your Book in 2022. BBC Academy Guides.  Podcasting: What do I need to know? Insights into […]

Share Experiment 15: Social Proof

Library Journal.  Welcome to LJ Reviews. Kirkus.  Get Reviewed. Get Discovered. Joel Pitney, How to Secure Endorsements for Your Book.  Launch My Book, 2022. Tucker Max, How to Get Reviews for Your Book on Amazon.  ScribeMedia. Author Learning Center, 7 Ways to Get Reviews on Amazon Without Begging Everyone You Know. Author Learning Center, Amazon […]

Share Experiment 14: Author Bios

Tucker Max. How To Write An About The Author (With Examples). Scribemedia. Dave Chesson.  How to Write an Author Bio [With Examples and Templates]. Last Updated March 25th, 2022. Nancy Juetten.  Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020. July 3 2020.      

Share Experiment 13: Beta Reviewers

Applause App Quality, Beta Testing.  From the article: “Of course, paying customers that discover bugs are very likely to never use a product again, so a thorough beta testing period isn’t just good business practice, it could be the difference between losing customers and a wildly successful launch.” Kathryn Britton.  Inviting Feedback.  April 8, 2022.Yes, I […]