Sit Gremlins

Sit Experiment 8: Build a Tiny Habit

The following are all good resources for taking habit change slowly.  If you start an exercise program with one pushup against the wall, you’re more likely to continue than if you start with a full exercise routine. BJ Fogg, Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything. Harvest, 2019. James Clear, Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, […]

Sit Experiment 6: “Who cares” Gremlin

Rick Carson, Taming Your Gremlin®, Quill, 2003.  See Sit Experiment 5 for discussion. The Dunning-Kruger effect is usually associated with people over-estimating their own abilities, but the researchers also found that competent people may under-estimate their abilities.  Taken to the extreme, this is called the imposter syndrome, where perfectly competent people feel that they are […]

Sit Experiment 5: “I’ll Never Be a Writer” Gremlin

Rick Carson, Taming Your Gremlin®, Quill, 2003 My first coach gave me this book not long after it was published. I don’t know whether she thought I had particularly loud gremlins or whether she just liked the humor. I’ve had a few clients who have responded well to comparing their self-critical inner voices to mischievous […]