Sit Experiment 3: Recall Writing Successes

There are numerous articles about the Start-Stop-Continue exercise. Here are links to a few: David Ciccarelli, Start, Stop, Continue Tutorial. Forbes Science of People. Stop, Start, Continue: Single Best Team-Building Exercise Senia Maymin, Episode 120, Start-Stop-Continue.  Silicon Valley Change tools.Senia explains what she calls the ninja version of Start-Stop-Continue in this short video. This is […]

Sit Experiment 2: Create a Commonplace Book

Bobby Powers, The Lost Art of Commonplacing: A simple practice that will speed up your writing. March 28, 2019. I particularly like the picture of the author’s commonplace collection, which is actually colored cards in a box. Sally Bryan, The Book of S: A Commonplace Book. This has not been published, but I plan to […]

Sit Experiment 1: Read with Intention

As part of suggesting that you read broadly and mindfully, Sit Write Share mentions sampling collections of shorter pieces by different people for intentional exposure to a range of styles. Here are a few options. Anna Quindlen. How Reading Changed My Life.  Ballantine Books, 2010.This book is part memoir, part discussion of books the author […]
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