5. Collect Story Seeds
George Floyd Protest Sign: It is a privilege to educate your self about racism instead of experiencing it.
In Write Experiment 5 in Sit Write Share, I suggest that people collect story seeds  A story seed is a brief note of an experience that can later turn into a written story. In this piece originally posted in 2020, I have sprouted several story seeds to illustrate something important to me:  the need to...
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That is my story
Why does it make sense for you to write about your own life?  It’s one way to create a legacy that future generations will value.  If writing for young children, it’s a way to make sure they know you, no matter what happens. Life can be uncertain.  Let me show you what I mean with...
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Podcast announcement
I had the great honor and pleasure to be invited to The Purpose Girl podcast for a podcast on writing. Carin Rockind asked me questions about how to get writing done and out the door.  Carin shared that writing a book is one of her dreams.  We talked about ways she could find time and...
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Making it harder: Sisyphus rock
Last night, I asked someone who really wants to write but hasn’t been getting it done, “Are you making writing harder than it needs to be?” She thought that summed up her situation, so we spent our time together exploring ways that she could make it easier. Writing can be liberating and exhilarating, but not...
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