Podcast announcement

How to Write Your Book: With Carin Rockind in a Podcast on Writing

I had the great honor and pleasure to be invited to The Purpose Girl podcast for a podcast on writing. Carin Rockind asked me questions about how to get writing done and out the door.  Carin shared that writing a book is one of her dreams.  We talked about ways she could find time and inspiration, and even learn to enjoy the process of writing.  Carin Rockind and her supportive husband and business manager, Joshua Klur, are superb hosts.

The podcast went live today.  Here’s the blurb she wrote for her listeners.  I’ve added pointers in parentheses to relevant Sit Write Share experiments and blogs.

I am so excited to talk to Kathryn Britton in this weeks podcast episode! So many people I know have a book inside them that they want to get out. I know it’s been true for me for so many years! And yet, getting that book done can be so intimidating! In today’s episode, Kathryn and I discuss what it takes to write and publish a book, and how she helps authors do just that. Kathryn talks about:

  • Why it doesn’t matter if your first draft is crap.  (See Setting Perfectionism Aside. my recent blog post associated with Write Experiment 8).
  • The playfulness and creativity of writing. (See Sit Experiment 12 associated with intentionally cultivating inspiration)
  • Shifting between a top-down and a bottom-up approach to writing.  (See Making Writing Easier, my recent blog post including a discussion of top-down and bottom-up writing)
  • Writing in 30-minute chunks versus several-hour blocks (See Write Experiment 11)
  • Her 3-step process for writing: Sit – Write – Share
  • The WOOP Method (See Sit Experiment 10)
  • Keeping track of story seeds (See Write Experiment 5)
  • The role of curating in writing (Hmm, I need to write this one up.)

You can get a copy of her amazing new book, Sit Write Share: Practical Writing Strategies to Transform Your Experience Into Content that Matters, here: https://books2read.com/u/bz1Vxq

Listen to this episode here: https://www.thepurposegirlpodcast.com/217

Thank you, Carin, for the chance to talk about helping people see that they are already writers.  The rest is just practice and practicalities. It was my pleasure to be able to help create a podcast on writing.