Launch Day

Getting and Giving Sit Write Share

Here are the top questions I’ve received about buying, giving, and using Sit Write Share.  Today is April 28, 2022, launch day for the book.  But these questions will still be meaningful long after the book is launched.

Q: I don’t have a Kindle device so how can I read the Kindle version of the book?

A: You don’t have to have a Kindle device to read a Kindle book. Just download the free Kindle app, and you can read the book on your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can choose the right version for your device (IOS, Android, Mac, or PC)

Q: Do I need an Amazon account to download the app and read the book?

A: Yes. Opening an account is free. Use this link. Once your account is open, you can download the app for your device and purchase the book.

Q: I am having a problem downloading the app or buying the Kindle book on my iOS device– iPhone or iPad. How do I fix it?

A:  A helpful reader sent in these helpful instructions for resolving issues between Amazon and Apple devices.

Q: I am in another country and can’t buy from the link provided. Can I purchase Sit Write Share today?

A: Yes. Use this link to find a source for your country.

Q: Can I give copies to others?  Do they count toward your launch numbers?

A: Yes they do.  That’s a wonderful idea! Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the book page on Amazon and look on the right side for “Buy for Others.”
  • Choose the quantity of eBooks you are purchasing.
  • Select the button labeled “Buy for Others.”
  • Input the email addresses of the person/people you want to give the book to in the appropriate field.
  • Write the message you want Amazon to send to the recipients.
  • Choose the delivery date of “Now”
  • Finalize and pay for your purchase.
  • Alert the person(s) to whom you gave the eBook of your purchase as soon as you can by phone or text. To the extent possible, we want gift purchases to count toward sales on launch day. Ask them to immediately open the gift link that they have received by email and to follow the prompts to download and open their special gift today.

Q: I am a print book person, not a Kindle reader. Is there a paperback version? How can I get a copy?

A:  The paperback will be available for purchase by May 3.  If you sign up for the free giveaway on this web site, you’ll get an alert when it is available.

Q:  I just don’t buy from Amazon.  Is there any way I can get the book?

A:  In a few weeks the book will be available from Ingram, a provider used by other online stories.  If you sign up for the free giveaway on this site, you’ll get a notification when it is ready.

Q:  I want to ask my local bookstore or library to stock the book.  Is that possible?

A:  Bookstores and libraries are used to doing business with Ingram.  When it is available there would be a good time to ask.  Sign up to be notified.

Q: Will there be an audible version?

A:  Probably, but not yet. I’m looking into how to make this happen.  Sign up to be notified.

Workbook cover 3DQ: I’ve bought the book.  Now what do I do?

A:  Get your copy of Navigating Experiments in Sit Write Share, a free workbook offered to people who sign up for my  mailing list.  You’ll also get copies of new experiments as I invent them.



Thank you!