Best seller with Stephen King

Thank You for a Wonderful Launch

To all the people who made suggestions, gave me feedback, let me use their stories, wrote endorsements, emailed their friends, and posted on social media, thank you for helping me achieve a wonderful book launch.

Sit Write Share came about because one of my clients kept urging me to turn the three-word instruction I gave him, “Sit! Write! Share!” into a book.  I had a lot of ideas that evolved into the 55 experiments.  In fact, I haven’t stopped collecting ideas as I learn by doing. Those ideas may show up as blog posts on this site.

For example, one of my reviewers told me that my original subtitle, How to Stop Worrying and Love Writing, was weak because it had only one keyword that would guide people to my book.  Reluctantly, I gave up my play on the Dr. Strangelove subtitle. I brainstormed with a friend who is brilliant at marketing for a subtitle richer in keywords: Practical Writing Strategies to Transform Your Experience into Content that Matters.  As a follow-on, I’m starting to gather ideas for titles and subtitles that may turn into another blog post. As I explore, I’ll add entries to my Share Resources.

Share Experiment 16 talks about involving your network in your launch.  Going through the highly demanding build-up to my book launch, I’ve gathered more specific relevant ideas about gathering a launch team and making it easy for them to help.  Those ideas are coming together into a future blog post or two.

Above all else, it’s time to express gratitude. 

Thank you, wonderful endorsers, reviewers, social media posters, buyers, givers, and emailers for all the actions you took to spread the word about Sit Write Share. Your help was invaluable. As you can see from my illustration, I shared a bestseller list with Stephen King. Perhaps it was a mediocre day for him, but it was a very good day for me.