Write Experiment 26: Read Aloud to Yourself

Marc Brisbaert, How many words do we read per minute? A review and meta-analysis of reading rate. Journal of Memory and Language.  December 2019.  Abstract. Dom Barnard. Average Speaking Rate and Words per Minute. VirtualSpeech. Dan Roth. Is Reading Aloud the Secret to Proofreading? Grammar Pedagogy for Writing Teachers.  Nov. 7, 2012 Fred Jones. Ultimate Proofreading […]

Write Experiment 25: References

There are many options out there for collecting, formatting, citing, and referencing sources that you want to include in footnotes, endnotes, or bibliographies.  Shop around.  The tools can really help. While it is a good idea to know the reference style you choose to use, life is too short to spend it on making sure […]

Write Experiment 24: Quotations

David Carnes, Copyright Laws for Quotations.I don’t know if I was being unduly cautious when I removed most of the quotations from recent works from my book.  I did find that when I asked for permission for the one quotation I kept that the publisher was happy to take my money to give permission. Elizabeth […]

Write Experiment 23: Make Dialogue Clear

Monella, Writing a Dialogue in an Essay (10 Smart Ideas) NY Editors, Your Guide to Writing Better Dialogue. MasterClass Staff, How to Write Dialogue Between Multiple Characters.   Sept 3, 2021.      

Write Experiment 22: Edit Words and Punctuation

Here’s my list of least favorite words: impactful.  Something has an impact, great or small.  How can it be full of impact?

Write Experiment 21: Edit Paragraphs and sentences

William Strunk and E. B. White, The Elements of Style. Pearson. 4th Edition. 1999. There are later editions, but somehow E. B. White has been replaced by other contributors.  I couldn’t quite let go of “Read Strunk and White.” Stephen Pinker, The Sense of Style. Penguin Books, 2014. Carol Saller. Subversive Copy Editor Blog. There […]

Write Experiment 20: Edit for Structure and Order

Idiom Tips: Bury the ‘Lede’ or Bury the ‘Lead’. Roy Peter Clark. ‘Lead’ vs. ‘lede’: Roy Peter Clark has the definitive answer, at last.  August 13, 2019.When my husband was proofreading the proof copy of the book, he choked on the word lede in this chapter.  He couldn’t find it in our American Heritage dictionary.  I […]

Write Experiment 19: Cut Mercilessly But Save Your Outtakes

Adam Lehrhaupt, The Idea Jar. Simon and Shuster, 2018.I have a large collection of children’s books, and I am happy to take instruction from them.

Write Experiment 18: Edit for Content

Carol Saller. Forewords, Prefaces, and Introductions: Where to Begin? Subversive Copy Editor blog. Bill Birchard.  Write to Reward Your Reader.  Harvard Business Review, 2020.This resource covers multiple editing experiments, so I am putting it in the first.  It explains why it is important to keep a piece simple, specific, stirring, story-driven, and social.  As a […]

Write Experiment 17: Edit in phases

George Saunders, On Story.  Video.I first mentioned this video as an entry in my personal commonplace book in the steps for Sit Experiment 2. Here I bring it up again because it could help you get in the mood for editing.  
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