Scientific sibling of The Artist's Way

Taking a Risk: Getting a Kirkus Review

Should I Ask for a Kirkus Review?

As mentioned in Share Experiment 15, it is possible to purchase a Kirkus review of a book.  Even though it’s a purchased review, Kirkus retains credibility because they don’t guarantee a positive review.
What did I have to gain?  Libraries and bookstores often use Kirkus reviews to decide what to purchase.  A positive Kirkus review could be a pathway to readers otherwise out of my reach.

What did I have to lose?  The $375 that it cost me to pay for the review.  That’s the regular price minus the $50 bonus they offer right now for Indie books.  The Kirkus service gives the author the option to keep the review private, so I did not worry that I was committed to publishing a bad or mediocre review.

Deciding to Take the Gamble of a Kirkus Review

In order to follow my own Share Experiment 15, I decided to go for it. My son recently made a similar decision, very clearly balancing short-term certain cost against an unguaranteed but substantial benefit. His decision inspired me. I concluded that I could manage the certain loss and that the possible gain outweighed it in spite of being uncertain.

On May 4, I paid my money, uploaded my book and the book cover image, and then waited.  They promised the review would be ready by July 6.

Outcome: A Publishable Kirkus Review

The announcement that the Kirkus review was ready arrived yesterday.  Since it was my birthday, I hesitated to open it. Should I wait for the due day and not risk being deflated on my birthday? But I decided to have faith in my book and take a peek.

What a great birthday present!

Following the Kirkus excerpting rules, I’m including a few sentences below.

“The book reads like a scientific sibling to Julia Cameron’s more spiritual The Artist’s Way(1992), as Britton’s advice is well grounded in research on habit creation, backed by an ample resource list. ”  — Kirkus Reviews

To find these resources, go to the Resources Page.

“A thoughtful, well-researched guide to creating good writing habits.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A debut manual lays out practical steps to making writing part of one’s daily life.” — Kirkus Reviews

Why Am I Sharing My Experience?

There are no guarantees that any marketing attempt will work. I wanted to share my own initial experience so that you see that purchasing a Kirkus review is an option. What effect will this have on sales? Check back later. I may have an idea.

The Entire Kirkus Review for Sit Write Share

Visit Kirkus to read the entire review.